The 7th championship challenge starts..’Messi hyung, are you watching?’

The Under-20 World Cup has finally begun.

Argentine Messi’s juniors challenging for the 7th championship.

Let’s meet at Top Play.

Argentina, the host country, is aiming for its first championship in 16 years.

Uzbekistan conceded the opening goal,먹튀검증 but they did not waver.

Four minutes later, a header equalized the balance.

This time, he shoots from inside the box.

Carboni’s powerful left-footed shot!

Argentina’s come-from-behind victory.

We started off well towards our 7th win.


This time it’s the United States and Ecuador.

The United States, which had no income despite the wave of offensives.

After all, it’s extra time in the second half.

Trap with chest and shoot!

Gomes’ final goal in the theater also marks the first win for the United States.


The last is Slovakia.

Shoot~ Ah, what is this!

Fiji goalkeeper’s so-called ‘knowledge’ mistake!

This time it’s a cross from Slovakia


The goalkeeper who only watched this time!

Slovakia win 4-0 against underdog Fiji.

It’s been a top play so far.

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