‘The Man of 100 Miles’ Shim Jun-seok agrees to join the pirate corps, will he become the ‘Million Dollar Man’?

The first gateway to the big leagues has been passed. The key is how much value is recognized. A player’s value is his salary. If you are a rookie, the down payment is the measure. Shim Jun-seok (19, Deoksu High School), who received attention as “the biggest word in high school” but decided to go to the big leagues instead of the KBO league, agreed to a contract with Pittsburgh.

On the 16th (Korean time), the official Major League homepage (MLB.com) said, “The Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to a contract with Shim Jun-seok. Shim Jun-seok is a prospective player ranked 10th in the prospect rankings, and has good physical condition (194 cm, 98 kg), throwing a fastball with an average speed of 94 to 96 miles per hour (about 151 to 154 km) and a curve that falls with a bell (12:00 to 6:00). He introduced himself as a right-handed pitcher.

From this day, MLB can sign international amateur players under the age of 25. International amateur athletes do not qualify for nationality in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Pittsburgh can sign international amateur players within the range of $5,825,500 (approximately 7,234 million won). MLB.com did not disclose Shim Jun-seok’s down payment.

If you grow into a so-called ‘100 mile man (about 161km)’, you can command the big leagues. Shim Jun-seok was chosen as the best player in high school with a speed of close to 100 miles. There are many reasons why he did not apply for the KBO League rookie draft, but there are also evaluations that he is worthy of choosing MLB based on his talent alone. Early on, several big league teams observed him, and Pittsburgh, which was building a team, was known to be the most aggressive in courting.

MLB.com said, “There is a possibility to add a slider and changeup. He threw a fast ball from his early teens, and his growth process, such as his calmness on the mound, reminds me of Park Chan-ho’s childhood. Park Chan-ho was the first Korean major leaguer to win 124 victories, the highest number of Asians, along with the nickname “Korean Express.” Thirty years after Park Chan-ho signed a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1994 and crossed the Pacific Ocean, a similar type of right-handed fastball pitcher seized the opportunity to realize the American dream.

As he was evaluated as a top prospect, attention is focused on the size of Shim Jun-seok’s contract. Cuban outfielder Brandon Maeya, ranked the ninth best prospect, signed with the New York Yankees for $4 million, and Ariel Castro, ranked 11th, 먹튀검증 signed with Minnesota for $2.5 million. Considering that the ransom is high because he is a beast from Cuba, it can be expected that the size of Shim Jun-seok’s contract will not be small.

For reference, the 2.25 million dollars that Kim Byung-hyun (44) received when he signed a contract with Arizona in 1999 remains the highest amount ever paid by a Korean major leaguer. Retired Je-guk Ryu crossed the Pacific Ocean with $1.6 million and Shin-soo Choo (SSG), who is still active, with $1.37 million. Attention is focusing on whether Shim Joon-seok will be able to exceed Kim Byung-hyun’s down payment.

Upon signing with Pittsburgh, he becomes the sixth Korean player to wear a Pirates uniform. Park Chan-ho and Kang Jung-ho (retired) were in Pittsburgh, and high school prospects such as Park Hyo-joon and Bae Ji-hwan also formed a relationship. Choi Ji-man, who has established himself as a full-time big leaguer, has also applied for an annual salary adjustment while wearing a Pittsburgh uniform due to a trade at the end of last year.

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