“The Office of Education was called” “The suicide note was made by the police” Fake news that deceived the bereaved family

Unverified information is circulating around various online communities surrounding the extreme choice of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Many of the allegations that have been confirmed to be untrue continue to be expanded and reproduced. Even the bereaved families of the dead teachers are known to be confused by fake news or misinformation.

According to the Kukmin Ilbo coverage on the 23rd온라인카지노, it is known that the bereaved family of the deceased teacher A and the teachers’ union are having difficulty sorting out unconfirmed rumors and suspicions raised after Mr. A’s extreme choice. A representative example is the content that Mr. A visited the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education or the Gangnam Seocho Office of Education before making an extreme choice on the 17th. However, the police said that Mr. A had not gone outside since he went to school on the morning of the 17th. The Office of Education also said that on the day of his death, Mr. A had never visited the Office of Education or the Office of Education Support, and that no related meetings had been held. However, it is known that some bereaved families once accepted this false information spread online as fact.

Some have raised suspicions that the police took Mr. A’s will. An official from the teachers’ union met with reporters on the 20th and said, “A will was found separate from Mr. A’s diary. He was directly told that he had obtained (the will) from the police.” However, the police said, “Although there were diaries and memos written on a daily basis, there was no will that was written before death, which is commonly said.” The bereaved family also said, “I have not heard anything about the will. The police copied only part of the diary and gave it to me.” In the early days of the incident, false information that a third-term member of the ruling party was involved in the case was widely spread through broadcaster Kim Eo-jun’s YouTube broadcast.

The Ministry of Education decided to investigate the truth on its own. For four days from the 24th, we plan to operate a joint investigation team of around five people, including officials from the Seoul Office of Education and Gangnam Seocho Office of Education. A police investigation is underway on the circumstances of Mr. A’s death, but a separate policy is to confirm the facts of the related suspicions, such as ‘he suffered from malicious complaints from his parents’.

Among teachers, voices of response such as strikes are also growing. In online communities for teachers, etc., there is a movement to go on a roundabout strike by paying annual leave or sick leave on September 4, the date of Mr. A’s 49th birthday. As the number of mourners continued day after day, the incense burner at the Gangnam Seocho Office of Education decided to extend its operation until the 28th. The memorial space in Seoi-cho stopped operating on this day for reasons such as after-school classes during vacation.

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