“The only pediatric clinic in the neighborhood is closed due to ‘malicious complaints’”

A doctor who has operated pediatrics for 20 years has declared the department closed due to a guardian’s continuous complaints. Many people are expressing regret at the news that has been delivered amidst a medical crisis due to the lack of pediatrics.

Lim Hyeon-taek, chairman of the Korean Association of Pediatricians, posted on Facebook on the 6th, along with a photo of a pediatric closure notice, saying, “This is a problem that all pediatric doctors in Korea are experiencing today.”

In the notice in the photo, “The past 20 years of living as a pediatrician with children like flowers has been a blessing and joy to me,” but “It will be closed on August 5 due to malicious false complaints from the guardian of Park O-jin (born in 2019)메이저놀이터. Inform,” he wrote.

The announcement was made by the director of a pediatric clinic in Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju. He said, “A 4-year-old child who was dragged by his mother’s hand because his skin was swollen, pus, and ooze that did not get better with treatment at other hospitals. On the second visit, the guardian got better enough to say that he had improved a lot,” he said.

At the same time, Director A said, “I thought it would be difficult to do medical treatment for these guardians, not for patients. ” I will live as a doctor who treats chronic) pain and internal medicine-related diseases.”

He said, “Thank you again to Park O-jin’s guardian who gave me the courage to stop working as a pediatric specialist.” Thank you for your interest and support.”

The conflict with the guardian mentioned by Director A is said to have started in May. The guardian who visited this hospital with her child for the first time in 2021 received treatment for her child again this time, left a complaint review through the portal site, and filed a complaint with the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA). The hospital insists that the guardian requested a refund, saying that there was not enough prior explanation for the amount of 2,000 won in some non-insured items during the treatment process, and that the refund was eventually refunded, but a complaint was filed.

In response, Chairman Lim said, “I spoke on the phone with the director of the Department of Pediatrics for about 20 minutes.” Everyone should know,” he added.At Mom’s Café in Gwangju, where news of the pulmonary department was reported, reactions such as “I’m scared and upset that the pediatrician is closed” and “another pediatrician I can go to have disappeared because of a malicious guardian” are continuing. On the other hand, there were also criticisms that the hospital side even mentioning real cases in the notice and publicly shooting it could hurt the child, so it was too much.

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