The protagonists of the ‘company 52 consecutive wins’ reunited after 13 years… “I will show you romantic basketball”

“I will show you what romantic basketball is. In this season’s championship match, only (Oh) Se-geun hyung wore the championship ring, but next season we will try to wear it together.”

Oh Se-geun (36) and Kim Seon-hyeong (35), the main characters of the legendary 52-game winning streak during Chung-Ang University, reunited after 13 years. This is because Oh Se-geun, who seemed to remain a franchise star of professional basketball Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, moved to Seoul SK, the opposing team that fought bloody battles in the championship game.

Kim Seon-hyung, who won the regular league MVP in the 2022-2023 season, expressed expectations that SK became a winning power with the addition of the championship MVP Oh Se-geun at a joint press conference with Oh Se-geun held at the KBL Center in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 8th.

“When Jameel Warney posts up, Se-geun can create space with a 3-point shot, and me and Se-geun can play a 2-on-2 game. Having one more axis is very helpful for point guards. If (Ahn) Young-jun, who is discharged, returns, I think it will be an ideal lineup.”

Oh Se-geun, who had suffered big and small injuries, instead of talking about his goal of winning the championship, made up his mind to adapt well to SK’s basketball without injury and achieve good results. He confidently said, “I may not be able to play for nearly 40 minutes like I did in my prime, but I played well in any team and under any coach.”

Kim Seon-hyeong also refuted the fact that Choi Jun-yong, who played an active role in SK, left the team and joined Jeonju KCC, calling SK “old people” to mean that it is a team with many veterans. Kim Seon-hyung said, “I am a fan of the drama <The Glory>, and the famous line from there is ‘How long are you young? It reminds me of ‘You’re young again next year?'” and “I’ll say it again, ‘Noinz’ has both season MVP and final MVP.”

He also expressed his desire to reproduce the fantastic performance of his college days. Kim Seon-hyung said, “When I was in Chung-Ang University, I had to win by more than 20 points to not get scolded by the coach.”

Oh Se-geun also said, “When I was in college, I ran when Seon-yeong caught it, and I ran and defended from the front. It seems that there was really good synergy.”

It was not easy for Oh Se-geun to leave the team he had been with for 12 years since he was a rookie. However, while talking with best friends such as Kim Seon-hyung and Heo Il-young, he decided to challenge himself in a new team. He said, “SK has a good team atmosphere and is a team that any player wants to play for.”메이저사이트

He said to the KGC fans, “Thank you for always cheering me on, whether it was good, bad, or painful,” and asked SK fans to support him, saying, “I will run hard with the thought of starting anew and repay you with good grades.”

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