“The role model is Shin Ji-ae, a pro” Shin Se-eun, who won the Kanuda Cup, his gaze is on the KLPGA

Shin Se-eun (18, Young Shin-go), who dreams of the future of Korean women’s golf, took the top spot in the junior competition.메이저놀이터

Shin Se-eun won the ‘Kanuda Bae 22nd Golf Journal Junior Golf Tournament’ held at the Century 21 Country Club in Wonju, Gangwon-do on the 26th with a 4-under-par 68, the best performance among female high school participants. Second place was won by Yeo Won-bi (Sungil High School, 3 under par), and third place was occupied by Ahn Jae-hee (Gimcheon Bang Tong High School, 2 under par).

Shin Se-eun, who reached the top, received a trophy and a certificate of honor for her victory, as well as a 2 million won Kanuda scholarship for recording the lowest number of strokes among female players. She also happily received the prize of a double set of Kanuda pillows and a gift certificate of 100,000 won for Twi clothes from the organizers of the event.

She also has a privilege given only to the winner of the women’s high school division. Shin Se-eun enjoyed the joy of taking the ticket to the ‘Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Daeyuwinia MBN Women’s Open’, which will be held from July 7th.

Shin Se-eun, who we met after the awards ceremony, said, “The preparations for the competition went well. She was able to play in her best condition,” she smiled brightly. She continued, “I felt that her stamina was declining, so she prepared mainly for her stamina training. She was able to take a break and improve her condition to win,” she said.

Even at the moment of finishing the game with 4 under par, I was not sure of winning. It was because he fell short of his best score of 8 under par. He said, “Because I didn’t know his opponent’s score at all, I was nervous and waited for the results. However, because the golf course itself had its own difficulty, my results were satisfactory.”

Shin Se-eun’s role model is professional Shin Ji-ae. He said, “Personally, I am a huge fan, so I really want to see you someday. He is such a long-running senior, so I want to resemble him in that respect.”

A senior in high school, he now dreams of a professional stage. In that sense, the KLPGA tour ticket obtained this time is like luck. He said, “It is a stage that I have only dreamed of and imagined. I only thought about whether I could go, but it is an honor to be able to gain such experience as an amateur,” he smiled brightly.

He also has a strong will to not stop at simple experiences. He said, “It will be the first time I see professional sisters, but I will play my game confidently without being intimidated.” Lastly, he expressed his promise for a brilliant future to come, saying, “I want to enter the LPGA tour someday and become a player who consistently ranks in the top 30 in prize money.”

Meanwhile, in the men’s high school division, Kim Min-gi of Saerom High School won the championship with a 5 under par 67 strokes. Now that he is only a freshman in high school, it made him look forward to his performance in the upcoming junior competition.

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