“The seniors are really cool” The story of Kim Doyoung being ‘impressed’… This is the ‘One Team’

“Our seniors are really cool.”

‘Baseball Genius’ Kim Do-young (20), who is about to start his second year season, is wielding a hard hit in an exhibition game. “He is different from last year,” he insists. Indeed, he is growing up. Of course, not alone. The support of his brothers is certain. He is passing on his know-how to his juniors who may take his place. This is the ‘one team’.

Kim Do-young is the first nominee for the 2022 season. After thinking about Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha) and Kim Do-young, the KIA decided that they needed more beasts and nominated Kim Do-young. He had a tough first year. Due to the corona issue, joining the spring camp itself was delayed. The season is bound to be difficult because I did not prepare properly.

In the demonstration game, it flew like crazy. In 12 games, he had a .432 batting average, 2 homers, 5 RBIs, 3 stolen bases, and an OPS of 1.068. Fans’ expectations skyrocketed, saying, “The real thing has appeared.” However, when the regular season started, the strength was lost. It was still difficult to properly attack the balls of the seniors.

2023 was firmly pressed. We were together at spring camp from the beginning, and we trained steadily. The results come out in the trial game. He is compiling a batting average of 0.467, 2 homers, 4 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.462 in 4 games. Although the sample is small, the bat itself is hot.

Doyoung Kim exclaims, “This year is different from last year.” She said last year she wasn’t well prepared, but she said this year was different. Director Kim Jong-guk is also looking forward to it. He smiled and said, “Even if I fall into a slump, I think I will come back after finishing it briefly.”

As such, the bat is reliable. The key is defense. He is still without a main position. He played shortstop in high school, but KIA has a shortstop named Park Chan-ho. Accordingly, he is also training third base. There is a senior named Ryu Ji-hyeok here. When he expands his range and goes over to second base, captain Kim Sun-bin holds out.

Last year, he played 69 games (44 starts) as a third baseman and 28 games (16 starts) as a shortstop. He looks to be similar this year. Manager Kim Jong-guk explains, “It is better for a starting player to settle in one position.” First of all, the starting shortstop should be Park Chan-ho. Doyoung Kim is the challenger.

From the point of view of the main players, Kim Do-young cannot be happy. He is called a ‘big shot’, and he is called a ‘genius’. Looking at KIA as a whole, it has the effect of making him stronger, but looking at him as an individual player, he is also a junior who is looking for his place.

You may see them as ‘competitors’ and treat them coldly. It may be even more so because it took a job to earn a living. However, KIA’s older brothers are warmly embracing Kim Do-young. Even direct competitors such as Park Chan-ho, Kim Sun-bin,메이저사이트 and Ryu Ji-hyeok inform Do-young Kim from time to time. It is evident that he sincerely cares for his juniors.

Kim Do-young said, “It doesn’t matter whether you are a shortstop or a second baseman. both are comfortable He has points to make up for. He needs to do more third base. I am in a challenging situation. Above all, seniors teach me well. Thank. If you look at it from a baseball perspective, isn’t it a competitor? It tells everything though. I am feeling a lot. Our seniors are cool,” he said. Not a little, he seemed to be moved.

He continued, “I am always grateful to seniors, starting with senior Kim Sunbin. In the case of senior Kim Sunbin, he is my catch ball partner, and after playing catch, he tells me various things. It helps a lot.”

No matter how genius he is, it is not easy to see the stage of the first team in the KBO League. I went through trial and error last year, and I’m ahead of my second year season. now 20 years old He still has a lot to learn. There is a coaching staff, but a word from a senior has a different weight. The KIA players are paying the penalty properly. Competition is good, but being a team is first.

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