The Value of Web Platforms and Your Mailers

Customers who are new to direct mail via the web wonder how web platforms tie in with automotive direct mail services. We’ve written before about the importance of ensuring your branding is consistent across multiple advertising channels – but how is it possible to get high performance web tracking in place if you’re using automotive direct mailers?

The idea is not just to use calls to action in your direct mail pieces that send customers to your website. The idea is to tie all of your marketing efforts together in a way that will get your sales staff, your promotions – and your customers – on the same page about what you have to offer.

A web analytics solution is important for many companies because a good bit of modern advertisement is taking place digitally. Despite this, automotive direct mail pieces are proven to be one of the top ways customers can use existing media to get their calls to action out to customers. If you’re hesitating about utilizing the power of automotive direct mail 바카라사이트 marketing pieces for your dealership, take a look at the evidence. An overwhelming number of companies are succeeding with mailers despite the modernization of marketing efforts online.

Mailers work.

It’s not about replacing your mailers – it’s about getting them connected with your other marketing efforts as well as storing your web analytics online in an easy to utilize format. Why?


Branding consistency helps customers identify you and develop trust. The more they see you, the more your images become part of an overall subconscious identity they associate with you. When a customer is ready to purchase a car, he or she will connect with that identity and that subconscious imagery, and will look to you for a trustworthy pitch and sale.

Ease of Use.

Using both on and offline marketing resources – but categorizing them digitally – makes marketing information available to your entire marketing staff. If you’re using networking or cloud computing, you can even make marketing materials available to your marketing staff when they’re not at work.


Web analysis is all about monitoring how offline and online campaigns are working. You can completely integrate your brand and your advertising efforts with online technology, and allow the two to work together.

2012 could be the year for your dealership to become wired – both to strategizing for web platforms and analytics with online and offline marketing, and wired into what your customers are looking for in terms of your branding materials.

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