The ‘villain’ was Joo Ho-min’s wife?… After listening to the transcript, I saw the expert’s reaction

Professor Ryu Jae-yeon of the Department of Special Education expressed regret for the webtoon writer Joo Ho-min. After analyzing the transcripts of her son, Mr. Joo, he demanded that her husband apologize, saying “It was Joo Ho-min’s wife who raised her case.”

Ryu Jae-yeon, a professor of special education at Nazarene메이저놀이터 University, posted on his Facebook page on the 3rd, “As for Ho-min Joo, I cannot hide my tears as an individual, man, head of household, and a stakeholder in developmental disabilities.”

Professor Ryu, who is known as an authority on special education, is also a person who served as the president of the Korea Association for Integrated Education. After reviewing all the transcripts, he submitted a 12-page opinion to the court with the intention that it was “not child abuse.”

Professor Ryu said, “I reviewed all the recordings of the incident. I also heard the conversation between Mr. A and Ho-min Joo’s son, Mr. B, in class.” . So please relieve your resentment.”

Then, “I also ask my wife (Ho-min Joo’s wife) to apologize to Mr. Ho-min Joo even now. You will be able to judge for yourself why I am asking Ho-min Joo to apologize.” I am doing my best as the head of the family to rectify what happened.”

In other words, controversial actions such as secretly recording a conversation between a teacher and Ho-min Joo’s son were led by Ho-min Joo’s wife, but it is interpreted as meaning that Ho-min Joo is enduring criticism alone.

He said, “(Ho-min Joo) is suffering from measles because of his fame. He is attacking and biting only Ho-min Joo individually like a wolf,” he said. “Your husband is doing his best to protect you and your family because of what you have done. ” said

Professor Ryu said, “If necessary, he himself will protect Homin’s son.”

He said, “Joo Ho-min’s son (seen through the transcript) is a really lovely child. Looking at the reaction he showed in class,” he said, “I recently completed the ‘qualification as a supporter for the disabled.’ I will try to improve,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joo became controversial when he sued Mr. A, a special education teacher who taught his son, for child abuse.

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