To fly 115m and get blocked by the fence… Han Dong-hee’s batted ball that did not go over led to Lotte’s defeat

Lotte cried at the bad luck at the difficult pursuit opportunity. A well-hit, far-flying ball failed to cross the fence. The opportunity to ignite the pursuit stream was blocked by a fence.

Lotte failed to recapture the lead by losing 3-6 in the last match against SSG held at Sajik Stadium on the 21st. Starter Charlie Barnes gave up the initiative at the beginning of the game, giving 1 point in the 1st inning and 3 points in the 3rd inning, and the other line did not catch fire as it did the day before.

Lotte, who lost 0-5 on the 20th, had to show something in front of a full crowd for two days in a row. However, at the beginning of the game, they struggled with the pitch of opposing starter Kirk McCarty. The batting line was dragged out until the 5th inning without a chance to score. Then came the chance in the 6th inning, trailing 0-4.

Leader Kim Min-seok hit a double that exceeded the height of the right fielder and went on base, and Ahn Kwon-su picked a walk. It was a moment when McCarty shook. Chi-Hong Ahn bunt and withdrew due to a foul fly by the catcher, but Dong-Hui Han hit the change-up of the first ball and hit a big ball to the left. A bold blow worked before McCarty came to his senses.

It was a ball that seemed to pass the moment it hit. The actual flight distance was sufficient. According to ‘Trackman’ data, Han Dong-hee’s batted ball had a speed of 162.5 km per hour and a launch angle of 31.2 degrees. He had the ideal conditions to hit a home run. This batted ball flew 114.9m.

However, the fence of Sajik Stadium, which had been raised since last year, blocked Han Dong-hee’s home run. It hit the top of the installed structure and protruded. Since Musara runners had to watch the ball until the end, only second base runner Kim Min-seok stepped on the home plate. Immediately, Yoon Dong-hee’s timely hit came out and added 1 more point, but Lotte only scored 2 points in this inning.

If Han Dong-hee’s batted ball flew a little further or the wall was a little low and it became a home run, he could have chased it by one point at once. If so, even if it was 1 point inferior, the atmosphere of the game could have completely passed to Lotte, but the opportunity flew by a single difference.

Even in the 8th inning,메이저사이트 when they were behind 2-4, Lotte took a chance with 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases, and when the opponent put in left-hander Ko Hyo-jun, they faced Jeon Jun-woo as a pinch hitter. However, Jeon Jun-woo’s well-hit ball also ended up as a floating ball in left field as the tail of the ball died at the last moment. After taking a breather, SSG piled up runners with two walks in the counterattack in the ninth inning, and Heredia hit a double at the right time with two RBIs that completely cut through the middle right, putting a wedge in the game.

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