Ulsan University, Woosuk University…Seoul National University, who won all the preliminaries, also reported 2 wins (

Ulsan University overcame Dongwon University of Science메이저놀이터 and Technology, winning 2 wins and advancing to the finals.

Ulsan University won 99-68 in the 39th MBC Cup College Basketball Sangju Tournament Namdae 2 Dongwon Science and Technology University held at the Sangju Gymnasium Gugwan on the 14th.

Ulsan University won the victory easily thanks to the great performances of Go Yun-chan (18 points, 6 rebounds) and Bae Hyung-jik (15 points, 2 assists) and the overwhelming superiority in the fast attack (43-13).

Ulsan University, the strongest player in the second division of Namdae, struggled with the momentum of Dongwon University until the first half. There were only 5 people available at Dongwon University, but the performance of Kim Yeo-jun and Kim Seong-jun in and out of the university was enough to embarrass the University of Ulsan.

The gap between the two teams began to widen at the end of the first half. The parts where Ulsan University had the upper hand were the completeness of the quick attack and the success rate of outside shots. Ulsan University succeeded in making 3-pointers (8), twice as many as Dongwon University in the first half, and had a large advantage (22-6) in scoring in the fast break. Shin Woo-chul and Bae Hyung-jik combined for five 3-pointers in the first half alone.

Ulsan University, who started the second half with a 9-point lead (46-37), spurred on. Bae Hyung-jik’s outside shooting sense was still hot, and Shin Woo-chul, who was replaced, also added strength to the front line. As a result, Ulsan University ran 12-0 and succeeded in running away at once (58-37).

Ulsan University did not let go of the initiative once it had been taken. With Go Yun-chan’s consistent scoring and Bae Hyeong-jik’s outside support, they maintained a wide lead (77-56). The turnover of Dongwon, whose footsteps became heavy, was connected with a quick break. In the remaining time, Ulsan University, which started the rotation by appointing several players, finished the game with a leisurely game operation.

On the other hand, Woosuk University won 86-72 against Chodang University and won all the preliminary rounds. Shin Ki-bum and Shin Ki-hyeon were absent, but Kim Jae-yong and Choi Do-hyun jointly scored 44 points and had an overwhelming rebound advantage (73-34).

Thanks to Ha Sang-jun’s triple-double, Seoul National University defeated Busan University of the Arts (73-42) and advanced to the finals with two wins.

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