“Was it a dream last night?” Domestic laboratories verify the refutation of claims to develop the world’s first ‘superconductor’

After the announcement of the ‘world’s first development’ by a

domestic research institute , related stock prices fluctuate one after another , investment caution Controversy surrounding the development is expected to spread. Recently, for this reason, superconductor-related stock prices have fluctuated greatly, and related damages have occurred, raising the possibility of controversy.

On the 9th, on the online community ‘DC Inside’, there was a study by Princeton University in the US, the International Center for Physics in Donostia ( DIPC ) in Spain, and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Chemical Physics in Germany. A paper with the content of “big” appeared.

The research team said, “ Although LK-99 has been suggested as a candidate for a normal-temperature and normal-pressure superconductor, most of these claims are groundless from an experimental and theoretical point of view. ” It turned out to be a ‘ multiphase material ‘ that does not exhibit superconductivity .”

These are the four structures of LK-99 obtained 메이저놀이터by self-synthesizing.As a result of various analyzes such as topological structure and quantum geometry, it was revealed that the physical properties of this material cannot cause superfluidity phenomena such as superconductivity, but instead have the possibility of becoming ferromagnetic at low temperatures. The paper said, “These experimental results strongly suggest that LK-99 is not a superconductor. Structural analysis suggests that LK-99 is most likely a ferromagnetic multiphase material that is not a superconductor.” Previously, the Condensed Matter Theory Center ( CMTC )

of the University of Maryland, USA, also said on social media that “ LK-99 is very likely to be a low-quality material with very high resistance” and “It is meaningless to fight the truth, and the data speaks.” . They say “ LK-99 is not a superconductor. “Not at room temperature, not at very low temperatures,” he said. “Very sadly, we believe the game is over.” However, CMTC did not disclose the results of its own verification study in this article. On the basis that LK-99 is not a superconductor, the research team conducted research at the National Taiwan University ( NTU ) and Beijing University International Center for Quantum Materials (China).

ICQM ) and the LK-99 superconductivity verification results disclosed by the National Physical Laboratory ( NPL ) of India. In addition to the negative verification results from these research institutes, the CMTC said, “There are more research results, but they have not yet been able to disclose them.” In Korea, experts have raised the possibility that LK-99 is not a superconductor from early on, and related academic circles have already begun to verify it. At a briefing on the 4th , the Korean Superconducting and Low-temperature Society LK-99 Verification Committee said, “There are no verification results that have confirmed superconductivity among the theories and experiments related to LK-99 reported overseas so far. ” He said he was going to do a verification. The verification committee added, “Based on the papers and videos released by the research team, it cannot be confirmed that LK-99 is a material that maintains superconductivity at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, but it does not deny the possibility of LK-99 as a superconductor.” . As a result, superconductor-related stocks are riding a roller coaster, requiring investors to pay attention.

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