‘Watermelon snow’ appeared in the highlands of Utah, USA 

Park City, Utah, USA is visited by climbers all year round메이저놀이터.

Recently, a strange scenery was captured in the ice cap area.

The snow field is red as if paint was sprayed here and there!

It is a phenomenon called ‘watermelon eye’ because it has a color like watermelon flesh.

It is caused by certain green algae that are distributed in upland soil and snow.

These green algae are said to turn red to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays when the temperature rises or the sunlight becomes strong.

According to experts, it’s okay to touch it with your hands and it’s not harmful at all when mixed with drinking water.

However, it is said that these ‘watermelon eyes’ should not be regarded as a unique attraction.

The reason is that ‘watermelon snow’, which is red, absorbs more sunlight than white snow, raising the surface temperature of the ice and making the glacier melt faster.

Experts are emphasizing that “the effects of these green algae on mountain ecosystems should be precisely analyzed and the distribution of green algae according to climate change should also be studied.”

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