“What did I say? Lee Jung-hoo will become a doug-out leader in ML.”

“What did I say? Lee Jung-hoo is a player who can be a dugout leader even after going to the MLB.”

Lee Jung-hoo (25), who is about to advance to the major leagues, was appointed as the Kiwoom captain this year.

On the 20th, Kiwoom announced, “We have appointed Lee Jung-hoo as the new captain to lead the 2023 season.” “Director Hong Won-ki explained the direction of the team during a meeting with Lee Jung-hoo, who was about to leave for the United States earlier this month, and expressed his desire to captain the team this season,” he said.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “There are many young players in our team. revealed the background. “I will create an atmosphere where all the players, regardless of age and seniority, can always come comfortably and talk and share their concerns,” he said. “The role that can help the team rise to a higher level in a good atmosphere I will do my best,” he said, reaffirming his determination.

A major league scout contacted me as soon as news of Lee Jung-hoo’s appointment as captain came and said, “What did I say? Lee Jung-hoo was already playing 온라인카지노 the role of dugout leader at Kiwoom. He thought it was very meaningful in Korean culture, which values ​​age. It is very suggestive that Lee Jung-hoo, who is still young, is encompassing the Kiwoom team as a whole. First of all, I think it is possible because all players believe in Lee Jung-hoo in terms of baseball, and Lee Jung-hoo does not show that he is good at baseball and is putting all his energy into making one team. Because Lee Jung-hoo has talent as a leader, the team is united around him. If he goes to the major leagues, he will need more time in the beginning, but it is clear that he will eventually take on the role of leading the team. It is possible because you have both skills and character. The appointment of this captain will have a good effect on his advancement to the major leagues,” he said.

In fact, as he said, it was revealed that Lee Jung-hoo was Kiwoom’s dugout leader. Now is the time to show that kind of leadership in the major leagues across the sea.

First of all, playing baseball well is the first thing, but it is not a bad thing to appeal as a good person first. Lee Jung-hoo is a good person and a player who can be highly evaluated in the major leagues. The proof is that the ML scouts praise Lee Jung-hoo’s leadership with one voice.

Lee Jung-hoo is currently focusing on personal training in the United States. When the team arrives at Scottsdale, Arizona, the place of spring camp training on the 29th, they will join immediately and play the role of captain in earnest.

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