When I go out of the house, I feel ‘fluffy’ in Jeju… ‘Expedition goblin’ performed tricks again

Jeju United, a professional soccer team, won four consecutive away games with exquisite set-piece design.

Jeju, led by coach Nam Ki-il, defeated Daejeon Hana Citizen 3-0 in the 10th round of the K-League 1 held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 30th thanks to consecutive goals by Kim Oh-gyu, Jeong-woon and Kim Bong-soo. After catching Gwangju FC on the 26th, they won two consecutive games in the home of the promoted team and ran a winning streak.

Jeju, who secured 14 points with 4 wins (2 draws and 4 losses) in the season, which were won only on away, can expect to enter the top ranks.

Jeju attracts attention with completely different results in home and away this year. Jeju is sluggish at home with 1 draw and 3 losses. It is a 10-game draw (3 draws and 7 losses) from the 1-2 loss to Suwon Samsung on August 20 last year. However, if they go outside, they are doing well with 4 wins and 1 draw instead of only giving away 1 loss this year.

It is the exact opposite of the perception that they are familiar with professional soccer and that they perform well in home games supported by fans. In particular, Jeju is the only island in the K-League, so it is unexpected to boast of a harsh expedition.

Jeju’s unique aspect was the same against Daejeon, the home powerhouse. From the beginning of the game, Jeju took the lead with overwhelming activity and set-piece goals. In the 21st minute of the first half, Jeju scored the opening goal by calmly pushing a cross from the side by defender Kim O-gyu on a corner kick chance.

In the 33rd minute of the first half, Jeju’s momentum rose to 2-0 when defender Jeong Woon headed in a corner kick from teammate Hays’ cross. It was only regrettable that Kim Seung-seop’s goal at the end of the first half was canceled by video review (VAR).

Jeju put a wedge into victory with a hot offensive in the second half. In the 33rd minute of the second half, on a corner kick chance, Kim Bong-soo pushed the ball that flowed into him once again, putting a wedge in the victory.

Jeju coach Nam Ki-il said after the game, “I am also looking for a reason why I am strong on the road,” and “I want to win the next game at home. It depends on how quickly the injured players come back.”

In Pohang, the away team broke expectations and laughed. Incheon United won 2-0 against the home team Pohang Steelers, who had been undefeated in the opening 9 games (5 wins, 4 draws) of the season. Incheon won their 3rd win (3 draws and 4 losses) of the season with Moon Ji-hwan’s mid-range shot in the 10th minute and Chun Sung-hoon’s consecutive goals 10 minutes later. Pohang, which had been undefeated since the opening, tasted their first loss of the season in 10 games after suffering from an outnumbered team throughout the second half after Kim In-seong was sent off after receiving a second warning during the extra time of the first half.온라인카지노

Daegu FC also laughed at the Suwon Samsung away game. In the 8th minute of the second half, Edgar scored the winning goal from a corner kick, and he won 1-0 against lowest place Suwon. Suwon, who failed to hunt for the first win again, received a disastrous record of 2 draws and 8 losses for the season.

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