Where have the 10,000 pre-contractors gone? Kia EV9 already in stock

Domestic sales of Kia’s electric vehicle EV9 appear to have스포츠토토slowed down three months after its launch.

According to Kia on the 7th, 408 EV9 units were sold in Korea last month. EV9 was released in mid-June and sold 1,334 units that month alone, but the number decreased to 1,251 units in July. Even considering that August is the holiday season, the response is surprising considering the number of pre-contractors.

Kia announced that it received contracts for 10,367 units in 8 business days through pre-orders before launching the EV9 . However, sales for three months were only about 3,000 units, and it is understood that many of those who pre-ordered have left. Looking at Kia’s September delivery schedule, the EV9 is already in stock in the flagship specifications with high production volume.

The industry estimates that EV9 ‘s price is high and sales are low. The EV9 ‘s selling price starts at 73.37 million won. Competitors such as Tesla and Polestar have recently lowered their prices, making it look more expensive.

Tesla recently launched Model Y, a sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) equipped with Chinese lithium iron phosphate ( LFP ) batteries, for 56.99 million won, lowering the starting price by more than 20 million won compared to before. Polestar also discounted its electric sedan Polestar 2 by up to 11.88 million won this month. The long range single motor priced at 54.9 million won was discounted by 15% to 46.66 million won. EV9 has almost no discount yet. EV9 also experienced a recall just two months after its release. Due to a software design error in the rear-wheel drive motor control device, abnormal communication occurred intermittently and a defect occurred in which the high-voltage battery electronic switch was blocked. Because of this, it was determined that the power supply to the drive motor was interrupted and the vehicle stopped while driving. Last month, Kia modified the drive motor software through an over-the-air software update ( OTA ). EV9 is Korea’s first three-row electric SUV . It is equipped with a large capacity battery of 99.8 kWh and can travel up to 501 km on a single charge.

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