Who said “zoo monkeys”… The Yomiuri giant is becoming a real great man

No more zoo monkeys. Now, he has established himself as the center hitter of the team.

People who had been suspicious for a while now began to believe him. He is not just a tall giant, he is growing into a member of a real giant.

This is the story of Akihiro Yuto (21), the tallest player in Japanese professional baseball at 2m2cm.

Akihiro was a player who drew attention for his height even at the time of joining.

He became famous for being a head taller than most of his peers. He was evaluated as a giant worthy of the Yomiuri Giants.

However, not many people paid attention to his skills. It was talked about by people as a topic, but few people were interested in his potential.메이저사이트주소

It was Abe Prefecture Yomiuri 1st team head coach who discovered and created such Akihiro.

Chief Abe gave Akihiro unlimited opportunities after declaring, “I will put Akihiro in the 4th batting order and use it” while coaching the second team.

Through that process, Akihiro gradually grew into a baseball player.

Last winter, he absorbed all of Nakata’s strengths while doing joint training with his team senior, Nakata.

He devoted all his energy to baseball, to the extent that he ate 9 air meals a day to build up his body. If Akihiro’s meal was huge, during joint training, Nakata posted on social media, “Rice is running out. He also left a half-joking, half-serious message, saying, “Please send me some rice.”

The results of his training were dazzling. Akihiro is now fully established as a first-team player. It’s not just playing the game. He has the highest batting average on the team and leads Yomiuri’s leading run in exchange matches.

As of the 17th, Akihiro has a batting average of 0.329, 4 home runs and 18 RBIs. His batting average ranks first on his team.

The frequency of appearances is also increasing to the extent that he participated in 46 games. He is now firmly established as the number 3 hitter and primary left fielder.

When Akihiro first appeared, not a few people dismissed him as a “zoo monkey.” He was regarded as a player who could attract attention only with his height of over 2m.

“Even if he is too tall, it is difficult for him to balance, so it is difficult for him to grow into a good hitter,” was the main evaluation.

However, Akihiro is breaking through his prejudices in a good way. He has grown beyond being a first-team player and becoming an indispensable presence on the team.

As Akihiro starts to explode, the Yomiuri team’s performance is also on the rise.

As of the 17th,메이저놀이터 Yomiuri is in first place with 11 wins and 6 losses. There is only one step left in reaching the goal of winning the exchange match after 9 years. Akihiro is at the center of it.

How far will Akihiro’s growth go? Let’s pay attention to the future of Akihiro, who is positioned as a true giant of Yomiuri.

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