“Why did you cut director Nagelsmann?” German solo team B.Munich, close to second place in 11 years

The Bayern Munich era is coming to an end.

Bayern Munich lost 1-3 to Leipzig in the 33rd round of the 2022-23 Bundesliga held at the Allianz Arena in Germany on the 21st (Korean time). Bayern Munich is stagnant at 68 points. Dortmund (67 points), who played one game less, is chasing right below.

Bayern Munich suffered an unexpected defeat. Having easily beaten Schalke (6-0 win), Werder Bremen (2-1 win) and Hertha Berlin (2-0 win) in their last 3 matches, Bayern Munich are stuck at home against Leipzig. Leipzig is a third-place team.

The opening goal was scored by Bayern Munich. Serge Gnabry opened the scoring in the 25th minute. However, they conceded three goals in a row in the second half. Conrad Reimer scored the equalizer, and at the end of the second half, he allowed two more goals only with a penalty kick (PK). Bayern Munich home fans gave up the victory early and started to leave the field.

Bayern Munich’s chances of winning have significantly decreased. Bayern Munich have only one last game left. On the 27th, we will play an away game against FC Cologne (10th place). Bayern Munich must wait for the news of the Dortmund match to be held at the same time after winning.

2nd place team Dortmund have 2 games left. There is an expedition to Augsburg (14th place) on the 22nd. On the 27th, Mainz (9th place) will be called home for the final match. If Dortmund wins both of these games, they will win the come-from-behind title. For reference, Dortmund recorded 4 wins and 2 draws in the last 6 matches.

The German media’Kicker’ said, “Bayern Munich lost to Leipzig, and the competition for the championship virtually ended. Against Leipzig, it collapsed helplessly and collapsed. Bayern Munich had no countermeasures and was lethargic.”

“Bayern Munich previously sacked manager Julian Nagelsmann for poor performance and appointed manager Thomas Tuchel. This decision failed,” he pointed out. Bayern Munich took the baton to Tuchel at the end of last March.토토사이트

However, in 11 matches played under the Tuchel system, Bayern Munich suffered 4 defeats. During this period, they were eliminated from both the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and the DFB Pokal. Here, the Bundesliga championship is also far away. In a month, the treble challenge has been shattered.

The last time Bayern Munich missed out on a Bundesliga title was 11 years ago. In the 2011–12 season, Dortmund won the title, while Bayern Munich finished runners-up. Bayern Munich, who won the championship for 10 consecutive years, is in danger of falling back to second place.

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