Will the ‘Black Rose’ return to its parent team… Chicago expresses interest in Derrick Rose

Will Rose be able to wear the Chicago uniform of her parent team again?

According to local media ‘Hawkshype’, “Chicago Bulls are one of the teams that will aim for free agent Derrick Rose this summer.”먹튀검증

Rose had the worst season of his career this season, averaging 5.6 points and 1.7 assists in 12.5 minutes in 27 games. Despite injuries, the biggest reason Rose didn’t get playing time was his poor performance. Rose, whose performance has declined significantly since last season, has been pushed back by young and active players such as New York’s Miles McBride and Quinton Grimes, and his playing time has decreased.

Although he didn’t play in the game, Rhodes played an important role in New York. He became a mentor to the young players and energized the locker room.

New York has a $15.6 million team option available for Rose next season. A team option is a system in which the player receives the money and remains with the team if the team wants to execute, and if the team does not want to, the contract is terminated and the free agent becomes. 

New York is unlikely to catch Rose, who has become an out-of-play player, as Jalen Brunson, who was recruited last offseason, has established himself as the team’s ace, and there are prospects such as Grimes and McBride.

Rose’s return to Chicago seems timely in many ways. Chicago, which received the worst record of being eliminated from the playoffs this season, is in need of an opportunity to turn around. Lonzo Ball, the team’s main guard, has suffered an injury with no promise of return, and he needs a player to coordinate between the two aces, Jack Lavin and Dermar DeRozan. The scoring power in his prime has disappeared, but the veteran’s experience is something that cannot be ignored.

Rose was born in Chicago and was the star of the Chicago-named franchise. In Chicago, Rose played eight seasons and became a superstar, winning MVP. Even after leaving Chicago, when Rose visited Chicago as an opposing team, Chicago fans always greeted Rose with a warm welcome.

Let’s pay attention to whether the romance of Rose’s return to Chicago will be realized next season.

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