Wilson X Weekly A For You: (66) Ilsan National Team LINE Basketball Class Lee Seung-Hyun·Lee Seo-Bin·Kim Yoon-Jun

“I hope that the three friends will learn basketball more exemplaryly and seriously in the future as the 6th grade national team and show good performances.”

Assist, which has been working on the Assist For Youth project for the development of youth basketball in Korea since 2022, has been working steadily with global sports brand Wilson.

Assist, along with Wilson, selects and introduces one basketball class youth each week to join Up For You. This project has been in progress for over a year as a valuable opportunity to let young people who are hard to get attention know themselves.

The protagonists who were selected as the 66th in Wilson X Weekly Here for You are Lee Seung-hyun, Lee Seo-bin, and Kim Yun-joon of the Ilsan National Team LINE Basketball Class. 

The three friends who are in the 6th grade of Yangil Elementary School are childhood friends who have been friends since the 1st grade of elementary school and are still learning basketball together. The three friends, who are currently active as the 6th grade national team in the Ilsan national team LINE basketball class, joined the Ilsan national team LINE basketball class earlier this year and are learning basketball seriously. 

Lee Seo-bin, who started learning basketball in the second grade of elementary school, said, “I learned basketball in a different basketball class in the past. Then, in February of this year, I moved to the Ilsan national team LINE basketball class with better gym facilities and curriculum. In particular, Director Seongju Min He is a former pro, and he has the advantage of being able to learn directly from the director, so he went to the Ilsan national team LINE basketball class.” 

“I’m learning basketball much more fun than before. Director Min Seong-joo is not afraid and does a good job. I’m learning from a professional teacher, so I’m trying to learn harder,” he said. I think my skills will improve in the future because I can breathe well during practice games. I learned other sports in the past, but basketball is the most fun, so I’m learning basketball so far.” showed  

Kim Yun-joon, who said that he felt his skills improved while attending the LINE basketball class of the national team in Ilsan, said, “I think my skills have improved twice as much as before. , but now director Min Seong-joo taught me the basics of basketball, such as shooting and dribbling, much more seriously, so I think I’m more comfortable with basketball.” 

He added, “Since I was learning basketball with Seobin and Seunghyun, I have the advantage of being able to learn the lessons in a fun way. Breathing is the best토토사이트. I want to continue learning basketball with the kids,” he told his friends to work harder. Other than that, he doesn’t get angry and kindly teaches us about basketball, so I think we can learn more about how to defend if we mess around a little.” 

Lee Seung-hyun, who has been learning basketball for more than 4 years because he likes basketball better than other sports, said, “I started learning basketball with Seobin in the second grade. My basketball skills aren’t great yet, but I think I’m a little better than my schoolmates (laughs). I work harder. I think I have to learn,” he said, evaluating his skills. 

“I’ve been learning basketball so far because basketball is more fun than soccer. Director Min Seong-joo teaches basketball so seriously that I’m very satisfied. So I want to play basketball better. There are still many things I lack overall. When I practice with the kids, it’s because we’ve been friends since the old days, so we get along well. I want to continue learning basketball with my friends and having fun for a long time. 

Director Min Seong-joo, who is in charge of the education of the three friends, said, “As the children became the 6th grade national team, their attitude toward learning basketball became serious. Maybe it’s because there are a lot of things, but I’ve become serious enough to feel solemn when taking classes,” he said, talking about the changes in the children. 

He said, “When the three friends first came, they lacked basic skills, and if they had to rank between high, middle, and low, their skills were close to low. And since they like basketball, I think it will get better in the future. As all three of them became 6th grade national team players, I hope they will show more exemplary performances in the future, and I hope they will work harder in the national team and show good performances in competitions.” He did not hide his expectations for the three friends. 

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