“You’re too young, and you may lack authority!”… Levy puts Nagelsmann on hold

Antonio Conte has been sacked, and the most likely candidate for the next manager was former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann.

However, the brakes were put on Tottenham’s recruitment of coach Nagelsmann. The reason is because of the worries of Chairman Daniel Levy, who has absolute power. In other words, Chairman Levy put on hold the recruitment of manager Nagelsmann.

For what reason?

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported that Levy said that coach Nagelsmann was concerned about his young age. Director Nagelsmann was born in 1987 and is 35 years old. He is roughly the same age as a team of veteran players. Because of this, coach Levy is worried that he may not have authority over the players.

‘The Sun’ said, 스포츠토토“Tottenham planned to appoint Nagelsmann as manager. However, recently Chairman Levy put Nagelsmann on hold because he is 35 years old. He is too young and close to the players’ age, so he lacks authority. “Chairman Levy is concerned about this.”

However, the recruitment was not completely abandoned. The media explained, “Although President Levy has put it on hold, the negotiations between Nagelsmann and Tottenham have not completely broken.”

In this situation, local media reported that Xabi Alonso Lebecuzen, a former Real Madrid star, has emerged as a candidate for Tottenham’s new manager. Director Alonso was born in 1981 and is 41 years old.

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