YouTuber visits gang leader’s mother-in-law’s 70th birthday party and broadcasts live

An incident occurred in which YouTubers who visited a private event of the leader of the ‘Nammun faction’, the largest violent gang in the Suwon, Gyeonggi area, were assaulted by gang members.

According to the police on the 8th, the Suwon Central Police Station is investigating two members of the Nammun faction, who were booked without detention the day before on charges of assaulting YouTubers A and B.

Mr. A and others broadcasted on YouTube in the parking lot of a wedding hall at the Suwon World Cup Stadium in Uman-dong, Paldal-gu, around 8 p.m. on the 7th. They turned on the live broadcast and got into a physical fight with those who were trying to stop them, exchanging abusive language and going up and down.

At that time, a 70th birthday party was being held at the wedding hall for the mother-in-law of Mr. C, the leader of the Nammun faction in his 50s. Fifty Nammun faction members attended the event, and police intelligence officers were also deployed. Mr. A and others visited the wedding hall that day to film the Nammun faction organization event.

Mr. A, who got into a fight with the Nammun faction members who tried to stop him from filming, took off his top half of his clothes and threatened them by showing Irezumi drawn on his back, or broadcast an image of him sitting on the street smoking a cigarette.

Mr. A and others continued to shout at the gang members, “You can’t hit them, right? “If you can’t hit me, you have to quit your life.” “You were scared, right? He continued his provocation by saying, “Come.” Then, two gangsters rushed at these YouTubers and assaulted them, and even the previous scene was broadcast on live broadcast. Person A and others claimed that메이저놀이터 they were hit in the face, waist, and legs.

It is said that Mr. A and others went to the event venue saying that they needed an apology from the members of the Nammun faction. The police at the scene booked two gangsters who voluntarily reported the assault and released them after investigation. A police official said, “We are securing closed-circuit ( CC ) TV footage from the parking lot where the assault occurred to determine the exact situation at the time.”

Mr. A, who visited the gang leader’s event venue with a camera, said in his YouTube broadcast in the past, “I am an ex-convict. He is a person who once said, “I was sentenced to prison for soliciting prostitution and was released on probation on appeal.” He was in a detention center until recently for a separate crime, but since last month he has opened a YouTube channel called ‘Shindanjang TV’ and has been uploading so-called ‘gangster punishment’ content.

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